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Free Your Mind!
Let Serverbrain think server things.


Let Serverbrain think for you about these things:

Peace of Mind

Release yourself from digging into ocean-deep rabbit holes and endless yak shaving! Serverbrain will work out what might be the best solution for your project.

Server Management

Free your resources and stay on the frontline of your project, think about your customers and your opportunities while Serverbrain is taking care for the stack.

Tuning and Optimizing

Let Serverbrain unbloat your code and speed up your projects response times - with the right weapons we will fight for every millisecond.

Desaster Preparedness

Are you ready to be destroyed? Serverbrain will work on a strategy for your project to survive an alien attack.

Prototype and MVP Building

Serverbrain will build a working proof of concept that shows how your idea works. With a solid codebase that is prepared to grow and makes you start your project in the wild.

Bug Hunting

Stop wasting endless hours, Serverbrain will seek and destroy that nerve-racking bugs that annoy your customers and kill your productivity.

Crypto and Trust

Encrypt all the things and build trust with your customers! Serverbrain will check your stack and secure your infrastructure.

Web Security

Hackers? Annoyances? Privacy problems? Avoid all these - Serverbrain will be your guard dog to keep that trouble out right from the beginning.

Contact Serverbrain

Please write about your project and what you need, so I can understand if it is a good fit.